Around Me Grew A Secret


On a bus stop bench today
opposite Crystal Palace park
a sphere of silver appeared
and passing buses warped
the metal melted, ads peeled off
bystanders blasted, eyebrows singed
the trees flashed sauna-hot
a curve of grey and drizzle lifted
I hid my laughter that
nobody seemed to notice and
the orb of clutter-thoughts
that dangle round my head
like strips of ripped skirt tied to branches
vanished. Oh! How they’d obscured the view!
Now it is clear those shabby tokens,
gifts given in hope of something else,
could never reach the Giver.
He does not do cupboard love, a
worship born of wanting –
‘Take this time of mine but
give me what I wish for,
with all due respect. No, not that one –
I said I wanted it in red!’
But on the bus stop bench
around me grew a secret:
This is always here
while we in earth robes walk
as though we’re mountains.
This is always here.
Once you’ve been shown it
you cannot unknow it.
This is always here.

Medina Tenour Whiteman, Jan 2013



3 thoughts on “Around Me Grew A Secret

  1. salaam again,

    i saw the form is posted. could you please tell me how to do an alternative payment method. i still have to ask for time off to come.

    I am intererested in the workshop and the trip to granada for sure. yasmin khan

    I thought there was photography too. I am not so keen on calligraphy but could give it a shot. in case i want to spend the time doing photogrpahy instead of calligraphy is that fine.

    i do not like to use paypal. is there a possiblilty of driect transfer to an account for through Moneygram?

    i also need transport to and back to orgiva, most likely from granada…..not so sure yet but most likely granada.

    i tried calling the a al andalus several time and sent an email but have not received any resposne from them so far……


    Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2014 00:54:20 +0000 To:

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