Zende Creative Retreats

Zende Creative Retreats are a new concept in study-abroad holidays.

The word ‘Zende’ means ‘alive’ in Persian, and our goal is to provide a space and time in which you can remember the simple, central joy in living, through meditative, enlivening creative practices.

Based in the spectacular Alpujarra mountains in a town called Órgiva, near Granada, Andalusia, at a botanical garden hotel, we will be offering Andalusi and Nastaliq calligraphy, ecstatic poetry and creative writing, yoga at dawn, walks through the mountains to rivers, waterfalls and sites of historical interest, a seminar on brilliant thinkers and writers of the Moorish period, qasida (traditional Andalusi poetry) singing, and talks and performances from people such as Abdal-Hayy Moore, Nimah Nawwab, Abdal-Lateef Whiteman, Ali Keeler of Firdaus Ensemble and Medina Tenour Whiteman. See updates for more info and our bookings page to grab your place!

January: Almond blossom season in the Alpujarras

January: Almond blossom season in the Alpujarras


10 thoughts on “Zende Creative Retreats

    • Salaam Yasmin, We are literally working on the numbers right now but I am hoping to bring it down to 495 euros for the course, including hotel and full board, excluding flights and airport transfers (the latter can be arranged through our partner Al-Andalus Experience). I am just waiting back on a few of our facilitators to be able to finalise the programme so there may be very slight readjustments, like any event. Inshallah it will be very close to this exact programme, but the dates are fixed. I’ll email you once I get a booking form online. Thanks for your interest!

      • Re the add-ons, these can be arranged through Al-Andalus Experience but closer to the time we will have a better idea of group numbers and can therefore make a more accurate quote. The bigger the group doing any single route, the cheaper it gets per day.

  1. salaam, thanks for getting back to me. let me know asap so i can book my flight. i sent an email to alandalus guys but so far have not heard from them. i tried calling them too this morning but no answer. awaiting yr reply. thanks. yasmin from Toronto.

  2. salaam, i read the ad ons and would like to go on the trips too but alanalus has not replied. i have to ask for leave time form my work and get it approved so that is why i would like to know the dates and the trips. yasmin

    • Hi Mawaddh, it will be held in Órgiva, a town near Granada, southern Spain, on the 24th-28th of April this year. You can check out the Programme and Bio pages for more info on what the retreat will be about. Thanks for stopping by!

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