Q. What does the fee include?

A. Entry to the classes you have chosen (either calligraphy only, poetry only, or a mixture of both), all talks, performances, yoga and excursions, as well as accommodation (sharing a double or triple room) and all meals. Flights and airport transfers are not included.

Q. Can I arrange airport transfers through you?

A. Yes, through our partner Al-Andalus Experience.

Q. Do I need to have any experience in calligraphy/poetry?

A. We welcome complete beginners both in calligraphy and poetry. The exercises given are tailored to all levels of experience.

Q. Is this a Muslim-only event?

A. While we offer a timetable that caters to Muslim interests and lifestyle, we are more than happy for people with little or no knowledge of Islam or Muslim arts and culture to get involved. We are strongly opposed to any form of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sect, gender, age or any other label.

Q. Is there a swimming pool? If so, will there be female-only swimming?

A. The hotel Taray has two beautiful pools, one shallow and one deep, which are in a secluded place out of view from the hotel itself. Special times for female-only and male-only swimming will be scheduled according to the needs of the guests.

Q. Is the yoga for men and women?

A. Currently we have a female yoga teacher who is happy to teach both men and women in an atmosphere of discretion and respect; however if there are any male guests who specifically wish to have a male teacher this is also a possibility.

Q. Will the mountain walks be very difficult? I do not have much experience hiking.

A. The routes we will follow are suitable for walkers of all abilities. Bringing some comfortable walking shoes or trainers to enjoy the experience fully.

Q. Can I bring my child?

A. We have found that children who are too young to be doing the classes themselves are usually a great distraction for parents wishing to be immersed in art and contemplation! However we are able to put you in touch with trained and trustworthy babysitters and nursery teachers living locally with whom you can come to an individual arrangement.

Q. What will the weather be like in April? I don’t know what to pack!

A. The average temperature for the end of April is about 15 degrees Celsius, though it is often warmer in the sun. There is always the possibility of light showers. Generally it is a very pleasant time to visit as the orange blossom is coming out, the days are growing longer and the nights are mild.

Q. Do I need a visa to enter Spain?

A. Nationals of the EU, UK or USA do not need a visa to enter Spain for the purposes of tourism and for a period of less than ninety days. Most EU nationals can also enter on a ID card or other document – please check here to see if this applies for your country.

Apart from these nationalities, nationals of the following countries can enter Spain without a visa: Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, South Korea, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, New Zealand, Panama, San Cristobal y Nieves, Seychelles, Singapore, Taiwan, Uruguay, Venezuela,

Holders of passports from other countries must enter with a valid passport and visa. To see if you can enter with an ID card instead of a passport follow this link and click your country to see the documents that may be used to enter Spain.


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